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Publicerad Sunday, January 12, 2020 08:16

Måndag 13 januari


A. E2M 8 min

4 Power Snatch

3-10 kipping pullups


B. 8 min AMRAP in team. One work/One rest.

1 round of Bear Complex, increace i round every new set.


C. E2,5M 10 min

5  Deadlift, silent TnG

30/30 Landmine Press


D. 21-15-9 reps of:



Tisdag 14 januari


A. 5 sets of:

8 KB Swings

6 KB Cleans

4 KB Kneeling to standing (2 reps per ben)


Use 2 KB.


C. 3 x 30/30/30s On/On/Off

30s Ball Thrusters + 30s Ball over shoulder

30s TGU Sit-up, right arm + 30s TGU Sit-up, left arm

30s KB Snatch + OH Reverse Lunge, right arm + 30s KB Snatch + OH Reverse Lunge, left arm

30s 1-arm Ring-Row, right arm + 30s 1-arm Ring-Row, left arm



Onsdag 15 januari


20 min AMRAP of:

AMRAP Pull-ups

20 cal cardio

AMRAP Push-ups

20 cal cardio


Pilates kl. 18.20.


Torsdag 16 januari


A. Build up a heavy set of:

Shankle Complex

1 Deadlift

3 Hang Clean Pulls

1 Hang Clean


B. E2M 18 min

5-4-3 reps Waveloading, 3 waves


Hand stand pushups, skalade varianter för de som behöver.


C. 3x

30s Suitcase Walk, LH

30s 1-arm Row, RH

30s Suitcase Walk, RH

30s 1-arm Row, LH


Fredag 17 januari


Team of 2


10 rounds of: (10 each)

You go, i go!


10 Ring-Rows

15 Sit-ups

20 Walking Lunges


Then: 40 Syncroniced Burpees


Then: 40 Cluster (Clean Thruster)


AMRAP Rest of the time: 

You go, i go!


4 TTB or 8 Boat 2 extension

8 cal Cardio

12 Push-ups


Timecap: 40 min

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